Five Reasons to do a Dreamy St. Barts Holiday

St Barts is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean and in the world. It is therefore no wonder people from all over the world flock to this amazingly breathtaking island to spend a few days of unimaginable peace, joy and excitement while enjoying the picturesque views, the sophistication and the landscape.

A holiday cannot be a holiday without great accommodation, however; dreamy holidays require nothing less than the pure spectacular that is St. Barts.. Renting one of the many dreamy St. Barts holiday villa rentals to complete the dreaminess of your holiday is something that will give you memories to cherish for a long time there-after. You deserve the very best and should settle for nothing short of exactly that.The are variant reasons why a St. Barts holiday is necessary at least once in a lifetime if money is not an issue.

1- The sandy, white beaches

st barts beaches

St. Barts beaches are in themselves dreamy and you can literally lose yourself in the beauty. All the beaches are open to the public and free, with nudity prohibited but that does not stop people from nude bathing and swimming on some beaches. Sunbathing and going topless is tolerated, compliments of the French culture. The beaches are usually uncrowded and several beach sports are possible depending on the weather.

2-Water Sports

Water sports lovers can literally go ballistic in St Barts due to the numerous sports they can enjoy including but not limited to wind and kite-surfing, body surfing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving and kayaking. The beautiful and usually calm waters are greatly tolerant and many holiday makers make that trip only for the fulfillment of water sports dreams.

3-Rubbing Shoulders With the Rich and Famous

St. Barts holiday makers sometimes get chances to meet, mix and mingle with famous and rich people who also love going to the island for the same reasons all of us love the island, the beaches, the aqua-marine tours, the water sports etc. Those who are into celebrities have better chances of finding them in basking in St Barts’ sunny weather.

4-Experience the Parisian Atmosphere of Shopping


Shopping in St. Barts is such a unique and exciting experience that gives you the feel of shopping in Paris; and St. Barts holiday makers are encouraged to set a day aside to engross themselves in shopping and visit the designer boutiques, the iridescent jewelry shops amid all the elegance. This shopping experience will certainly add to the holiday being unforgettable and extremely dreamy.

5-Going Natural St Barts’ Flora and Fauna

Those who holiday to see and experience nature at its best will not be disappointed with St. Barts. The tropical climate subscribes to the element of vast vegetation species like the several herbaceous plants that might not be found anywhere else. Many species of wildlife are also found there with many fish species and other forms of aquatic life view-able through the submarine tours offered on the island. In addition, the St. Barts unique weevils, firefly and the recently discovered St. Barts sun-spider are also worth seeing if you get lucky.

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