How to Keep Anxiety at Bay When Traveling

Traveling a lot for work and pleasure sounds like an amazing thing to many. However, for some travelers, it can be a tense time, with anxiety kicking in for all sorts of reasons. Leaving our homes and regular routines can play havoc with our brains, throwing our normal life upside down, leaving us to pick up the pieces. Here are some ways to try to make it a more pleasant experience.

Plan ahead

Whatever the reason for traveling, you need to plan before you set off on your journey. You wouldn’t go into a work meeting without thinking about the content or focus, would you? The same theory applies to traveling. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in the same country or going much further afield; it’s essential that you know how you’re going to get to your ultimate destination and what plan B you will have if things don’t go as expected.

If you’re flying to see relatives in another country, for example, make sure you book a flight to the closest airport to them. Think about the flight time, are you going to be able to get to the airport at that time? Will you be completely exhausted? And how about the other end? How will you get to your relatives’ home? Will they pick you up or will you get a train or a bus from the airport? Clear and concise planning can help to reduce your stress and anxiety levels because you have a set path ahead.

Have some spare cash

What happens if your plane is delayed, and you have to pay for a hotel for a night until you can claim back compensation? What happens if the last bus has departed and you have to get a taxi? There are all sorts of things that can change when you’re in the middle of a journey. If you don’t have any spare cash for the unexpected, you could be stranded or in a difficult position. You should budget for any last-minute changes, to keep your journey on track.

Relax before you travel

There is nothing worse than running around just before you’re about to set off on a long journey, whether it’s washing clothes, buying currency, packing or finishing off work. You should aim to try to have some time for relaxing before you fly or take a train. It will put you in a better position for the journey ahead. You should have a look at worship services local to you and in your destination as well if your faith helps you focus on the trip ahead.

Pamper yourself

If you’re lucky enough to have a loyalty card or you are travelling in business or first class, take advantage of free train and airport lounges. Some of the airport lounges also offer pampering services, such as a massage and manicure. These facilities can be a real haven of relaxation, helping you to get a sense of calm and look forward to the travel ahead, rather than see it as an anxious and stressful moment of your life.

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