Sydney Museums You’ve Got To Visit

A trip to Sydney is never forgettable. How could it be? The city is known for its sunny weather, the iconic Opera House, harboufront, and Skywalk experience. That’s right. It is absolute paradise. Imagine picture perfect weather, gorgeous views, and incredible attractions. Nothing else can compare. For travellers…. there are many different ways to experience the city. Visitors can take boat tours, spend a night or two on the town, go shopping, enjoy beach days, and more. There are endless possibilities! Want to make your trip to Sydney extra special? Check out one of these unforgettable Sydney museums.

The Australian Museum. The best place to kick-start your vacation is at The Australian Museum. It is the oldest museum in the nation, dating all the way back to 1827. Inside? You can see over ten million unique items and artefacts. There are also interactive displays and activity centres for little ones. Not to mention ten dinosaur skeletons. Located near one of the best shopping areas the city has to offer…. you will have a fantastic day in the Hyde Park area. Don’t wait to start your Sydney vacation. Rent a car straight from the airport! Yes, you can choose a car hire Sydney Airport option – and head to The Australian Museum right away.

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The Museum Of Sydney. If history is your thing…. then the museum you will appreciate most is The Museum Of Sydney. This is known for its collection of both modern and historical items. It was built on the site of the first Government House. This house was originally built in 1788 for Governor Phillip. Now? Visitors to the museum can find out more about the people of Sydney, check out unique sculptures, and enjoy a number of exciting exhibitions. Oh, and enjoy what remains of the first Government House. Not a bad way to spend the day.

Australian National Maritime Museum. Some museums are more popular than others. One of the most visited has to be the Australian National Maritime Museum. Why is it so popular? The answer is pretty simple. Where else can you climb aboard ships and submarines? Visitors can climb aboard, learn more about life at sea, and check out maritime artefacts. There are also guided tours as well as five permanent exhibits (they highlight the Royal Australian Navy, sailors who travelled by boat, and more). Have fun and learn more about the rich connection between Sydney and the sea.

The Powerhouse Museum. Another museum to add to your must visit list? The Powerhouse Museum. This is the main branch of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney. It is dedicated to items and exhibits related to science, technology, engineering, architecture, and medicine. There are also areas dedicated to the decorative arts, fashion, and design. The main focus of the museum? To explore the idea of creativity. In addition to all of the exhibits (there are twelve permanent exhibits as well as several other temporary exhibits) there are also demonstrations, workshops, and more. It is an interactive museum at its best.

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