Top 5 Unusual European Activities For 2013

2013 is the year for trying new things and making some memories to last a lifetime. Although your New Years Resolutions most likely concentrate on getting fit, learning a language and transforming yourself into an irresistible Bond-esque enigma, there is an alternative (and potentially more realistic) idea. Why not aim to try out something new and unusual this year? Something that can be a conversation starter for years to come and which, upon completion, will put an ear-to-ear grin across your face?

If you’re feeling up for the challenge then read on for five extremely unusual activities around Europe.

1. Bog Snorkelling in Wales. This unusual activity keeps growing in popularity every year, with the premier Bog Snorkelling event held in August each year. What started off in 1976 as a funny idea over a couple of pints at the local pub is now a world-renowned event. The World Bog Snorkelling Championships have been held since 1985 and see participants racing along a 55m bog trench donning snorkels and flippers.

2. The Pamplona Bull Run. This Spanish festival presents an adrenaline-packed run for participants, who run alongside charging bulls down the back streets of Pamplona. Celebrated in July every year the event attracts mass gatherings of people from all over the globe and runners have a distance of 825m to run (the distance between the corral and the bullring).

3. Visit the Prague beer spa. This family run spa near Prague usually deals in the production of malt, beer and bottling mineral water. However, it also offers an original curative spa therapy combining a soothing hot bath and the unique bathing beer, which is darker than the normal drink. The effects of the beer yeast and dried curative herbs are legendary in the Czech Republic and it’s a great experience that you won’t soon forget.

4. Cheese Rolling in England. The great Cheese Rolling Race has been held for over 200 years and dates back to Roman times. The bizarre race sees huge rolls of Double Gloucester (each weighing seven pounds) being rolled down the steep Coopers hill and the 20 people taking part then throwing themselves down after it. The cheese wheel can reach up to 70mph, making it much more dangerous than it sounds.

5. The Amsterdam Beer Bicycle. This activity is great for groups of travellers to try – as the beer bicycle has 17 seats! It does what it says on the tin – this monster of a carriage will steer you through Amsterdam’s canal straddled avenues while you enjoy some sips of the good stuff. All you have to do is hold your pint glass in one hand and pedal away! It sets off from Nieuwmarkt which is the main square in the city and an excellent place to find restaurants and shops to top off your visit.

These five activity options present fantastic ways to try something new and make some memories. Why not do a European road trip and take part in them all?

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