Top Asian Destinations You Must See in 2017

Tourism in Asian countries is now emerging from the cocoons of relative erstwhile obscurity to international standards of professional tourism sobriety, and this has resulted in tourists flocking every year in ever increasing numbers. These burgeoning tourism, travel spots have added novel spices and elegance to the world of global tourism, yet retaining their own sumptuous opulence, peculiar to themselves.


Bali is an island in the Indonesian archipelago where Hindu culture has prevailed since the first millennium. This fact is established by the ancient ruins of temples such as the ‘Uluwatu Temple’, ‘Bajra Sandhi Monument’, and the like. The region also has a number of museums like ‘Museum Pacifika’ and ‘Bali Museum’ which are bastions of Balinese art and local handicrafts. Also, lush beaches and enchanting zoos would make your stay a memorable event.

TagaytayTagaytay, Philippines

Tourist spots in Tagaytay include various lakes, amusement parks and luxurious resorts; thereby planning your vacation hereis quite fascinating. Moreover, you can witness a spot of an active volcano in Tagatay. Just a couple of hours’ distance from the capital city, Manila, it has an attractive city centre with a very cosmopolitan look. With the delightful climate along with the fastidious cuisine, you would definitely findyourself at ease in celebratory mood.

Jodhpur, India

This medieval Indian city of fortress and palaces in the province of Rajasthan in India forms an integral part of what it called ‘Royal Rajputana’. Apart from gigantic citadels (such as the Mehrangarh Fort) there are many temples, lakes and museums (like the Umaid Palace). Also, there are many premier hotels, which would enable you to spend some quality time over this vacationing spot. Your experience would also be enriched through the celebratedlocal cuisine as well as the proverbial local hospitality.

Hong Kong

This vibrant commercial centre also has equally vivacious hosts of tourist hub, and the centre of cosmopolitan social culture. Apart from numerous museums (such as ‘Dr. Sun Yat-SenMuseum,’ ‘Han Tomb Museum’, ‘Maritime Museum’ etc.), there are also innumerable restaurants and eateries catering to almost all types of cuisines. There are also quite a number of Buddhist monasteries of historical significance. And most importantly, the animated nightlife of this global city would surely entrance your mind.

Angkor WatSiem Reap

This exciting place in Cambodia is the home to the world’s largest Hindu temple, the famed ‘Angkor Wat’. This rapidly developing city is also the site other archaeological structures such as the ‘Ta Som’, ‘Bayon Temple’, ‘Angkor Archaeological Park’ etc. Also, there is the ‘Tonle Sap Lake’, the largest freshwater lake in the region. With numerous resorts and bird sanctuaries, this Cambodian city would surely make a difference about your idea of a vacation. Apart from historic sights, your vacation would be soothed by the experience of enjoying the hospitality of its splendid resorts.

While visiting Bali, Philippines, or other countries, you can choose the vacation rental in Philippines, and other respective countries instead of the hotel, to make your holidays even more memorable and affordable. Have a pleasant stay, if you choose to visit any of the places!

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