What you should look for in a luxury hotel

When you think about what you want from a luxury hotel, what goes through your mind? After all, you are going to be paying top dollar to live like a king or queen for a bit, so you want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

For some guests it is all about the cuisine and the service, not to mention a range of facilities such as swimming pools, health and beauty spas, and other relaxing recreational activities like golf, horse riding and top quality entertainment for the evening.

For others it comes down to the design, the hotel’s architecture, how its interior design features highlight all aspects of its public and communal areas, private bedrooms and suites, and the spaces that house the leisure facilities.

In the end it is truly the combination of all these things that makes you want to be a guest, thoroughly enjoy your stay, and possibly return in the future.

So what should you look for when you book that vacation? Here are a few suggestions as to what you should expect from your luxury hotel:

The right room and fabulous features

If you have specified exactly what sort of room you want, the hotel should accommodate your requests. For example, if you specify a level or category, such as a mountain or sea view, or away from air conditioning, generators, and other requests, expect them to be fulfilled.

Your room, when you first enter it, should strike you as lovely the moment you step through the door. Design should be consistent, whether modern and contemporary, or with antique appointments, for buildings with long histories. Furnishings must be high quality with top quality cotton sheets and a bedspread of natural fiber, and curtains should be in accord with other textiles in the space.

Comfortable furniture, like chairs or sofas, is essential, again with fabrics that fit the design pattern throughout. Items such as a desk and coffee table add to the functionality of the room. There must be plenty of hanging space for clothes. The decor in a luxury hotel can also help to inspire your own home design, so it’s worth taking the time to absorb all the subtle aspects of how everything works together.

Designer chic

Your luxury hotel had architects create or remodel a building to invite you in – you may marvel at its exterior, perhaps a beautiful old edifice with a wealth of history behind it, or the clean, crisp lines of a new structure that a sleek, contemporary feel.

Inside, designers will be looking to accentuate features such as carpets, curtains and public furniture that exude taste and comfort, with exclusive touches such as eye-catching bars and restaurants, and atriums filled with exotic plants and shrubs.

It’s your vacation

The best luxury hotels marry style without being obtrusive, and have service that is friendly, attentive, but discreet. There are many hundreds to explore, so take your time, do your research, and enjoy the ultimate vacation.

Featured Courtesy by The Doyle Collection under cc license


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