10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Chile ( Updated 2023 )

Chile is an American country that has a long and narrow territory in the southwest of Southern America between the eastern Andes Mountains and Western Pacific Ocean, with its capital in Santiago. It boasts being the longest country in the world and marks an area of 756,096.3 km2 inhabited by a population of 18,006,407 speaking Spanish as their National Language. Chilean extreme areas from flowering deserts to chilling ice fields contribute to its best tourist attractions.

Due to being spread in the Americas (continental Chile), Antarctica (The Chilean Antarctic Territory), and Oceania (a region constituted by Australia and Pacific islands) (insular Chile), it is often claimed to be called the tricontinental country. Due to its diverse geographic locations, Chile has managed to attract a massive number of visitors mainly from Europe and America to its tourist attractions.

According to the World Tourism Organization, in 2010 alone, Chile saw a whopping 2.7 million visitors making it the eighth-most visited tourist attractions within the Americas.

tourist attractions in chileWhere to stay in Chile

There are many tourist attractions in Chile. Travelers from all across the world come here to see the country’s diverse natural beauty. It is good to stay around such popular tourist attractions in Chile.

Santiago is one of the most sought-after locations to stay here. It has almost access to almost all the tourist attractions in Chile. From boutique hotels to luxurious stays to budget accommodation, everything is available here in Chile. It is one of the most underrated cities in South America. The Andes mountains are just a few miles away. It can be reached within an hour or so.

Centro is one of the best districts to stay in. It has all the places of historical importance surrounding the region. The National Historical Museum, the Cathedral of Santiago, Plaza de Armas, everything is nearby from Centro.

The commune of Recoleta is one of the most interesting places to stay in Chile. IF you are backpacking or here in Chile on a solo trip, come and stay here. Bellavista has a bohemian feel and for those looking for a hipper place to stay, here is where you can give it a try.

How to reach Chile

Chile is one of the most comfortable countries in the region. You can reach there easily either by bus or by train and of course by air. You can reach Chile by road, rail, and water only if it seems feasible. Roadways and railways are available from within the continent. There are bus services available from Buenos Aires twice daily. However, the most convenient way to reach Chile is by air.

Santiago airport or Arturo Merino BenÍtez International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Chile. The largest carrier is LATAM. They have flights from different cities like Auckland, Sydney, Frankfurt, Madrid, and many cities in the USA. Other important airlines like British Airways, Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, have their flight running to Santiago airport.

tourist attractions in chileBest Time to visit Chile

The best time to visit Chile depend on the region you are heading towards. Santiago, Atacama Deserts, the Central Valleys, are all accessible by the tourists all year round.

However, the best time to visit Santiago is from September to November and from March to May. You will get pleasant weather and a chilled-out holiday. If you are planning to ski in the mountains around Santiago, you can visit around June to August.

October to March is the summer season for Chile. These are the best months for visitors who have planned to visit the southern part of the country. Planning to head towards one of the best tourist attractions of Chile, Patagonia? Come during the summer months.

Safety meter

South American countries are known to have higher crime rates. But chile is quite different from the rest of the countries. With many tourist attractions in Chile, the crime rate is pretty low here when compared to other countries. Mugging and pickpocketing still exist in the country, however, you will not face any violent crimes here in Chile.

The food you must taste in Chile

There are many special dishes that you must try in Chile. Some mouth-watering dishes will give you a clear idea about the food culture of Chile. Let us remind you, Chilean food is one of the top tourist attractions in Chile. Here are the three popular dishes that you must try while you are vacationing in Chile.

tourist attractions in chilePastel de Choclo

It is a corn casserole that is served with meat stuffing. It is quite similar to English corn pudding and pastel de elote found in Mexico. The filling is made of ground beef, raisins, chicken, black olives, onions, slices of boiled egg.


Empanadas is one of the most popular dishes in this region. They come as fried and sometimes as baked. The filling can be made of anything you want. This is one of the comfort food dishes found in Chile.


Who does not like a bowl of beef stew? Or say a chicken stew? Almost all of us, right? One of the most popular Chilean delicacies is Cazuela. It is a homemade stew made with either chicken or beef and with corn rice and potatoes.

Situation after COVID 19

COVID 19 spreads while traveling. Staying at home is the best option right now. But wandering souls like ours must pack our bags whenever we can. However, COVID 19 is also a matter of concern now. Here are a few tips to remember while you travel

1. Chile has a Level 4 risk of COVID 19 as per the CDC. Wearing a mask is of utmost necessity.
2. Wash your hands regularly whenever possible. If there is no chance of washing, carry a hand sanitizer to clean your hands. Remember, the hand sanitizer should always be an alcohol-based one.
3. Get tested before traveling. You will not want to spread the virus.
4. If possible, avoid food from random street corners. You do not need to get into a posh restaurant all the time. Just check if the joint is maintaining safety precautions.
5. Avoid crowded places at any cost. Some of the tourist attractions of Chile may be crowded during peak time, try and avoid that.
6. Maintain the safety guidelines provided by the government to avoid further risk.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Chile

Chile is known as the country of poets. No wonder so why that is so. The beauty of Chile will take your breath away. But here are a few things that you cannot miss ever.

Here is a list of Top Ten Tourist Attractions that must be visited by every tourist going to Chile-


A unique city located on the coast of the Pacific, sprawling upon forty-two steep hills. The city’s architecture reminiscences of the colonial period. It has been majorly renovated since 2003 when it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Street arts and graffiti are quite bounding tourist attractions, impelling visitors to a standstill to cherish the beauty and decode the meanings coded within. The vibrant colors of houses in all shades are an absolute treat to the visitor’s eyes.

Bohemian culture thrives prominently here. The labyrinth of Cobblestone alleyways that interconnect to each other is quite a compelling tourist attraction of Valparaiso. You can have some great colorful clicks in here along with some magnificent seaside views.

Torres Del Paine

It is a national park located in extreme south Patagonia. It is more of an adventurous destination to climb, hike, trek, and kayak. It is one of the fewest places on earth with nature preserved in its entirety that works well as a tourist attraction. You can expect lakes, valleys, beautiful waterfalls, glaciers, snow-clad mountains including the famous Cerro Paine mountain range that is best suited for trekking.

Three granite towers of Paine that have been carved by the striking glacial ice are the best tourist attractions in this park. The highest peak lies above 2500 meters.

San Pedro De Atacama

A small town located in northern Chile with an arid desert surrounding it- The Atacama Desert. Being an extreme climatic, geographic location, it has made its place in the best tourist attractions of Chile. What will amaze you here is the variety and taste of foods and cuisines that can be found nowhere else in entire Chile. A touch of Spain-colonization can still be felt through the bright white church among the trees in the town square.

Not only the town, but the surrounding landscapes are equally mesmerizing irrespective of the direction you choose to go. You can feel it difficult to manage the time to see and adore the beauty of every tourist attraction here. Some of them are salt caves, salt flats, El Tatio Geyser, Valle de la Luna, mountain lagoons, and hot springs.

For stargazers, there is no better place than this to explore the Milky Way from the clear skies here.

Elqui Valley

The best tourist attraction site in Chile to connect with ultimate natural beauty. Elqui valley flows in a length of 140 km. From La Serena to the Argentine border. It provides an optimum location for the cultivation of papayas, oranges, avocados, and grapes to make wine and pisco.

In its entire stretch, it has densely forested rough mountains and valleys carpeted by greenery on its sides. You can stop at any distillery here to taste some fresh pisco and wine. What would be better than that? I wonder!. Likewise San Pedro De Atacama, Elqui valley is also famous for its clear night skies to watch stars.

Lake District

With places like Switzerland and Austria as its competitors, Lake District lies 1000 km south of Santiago. The region credits its name to the twelve lakes that are found here. Due to having lakes in such a great number, water sports and rafting are quite common here. Again this is a tourist attraction mainly for adventurers as it is surrounded by six volcanoes that provide an opportunity to climb them.

You can even ski on snow-clad mountains during winters and bike them during summers. Due to having lakes nearby, national parks are a good number here. Chilean culture gives this region uniqueness. You can also visit “the Island of Chiloe” that is a couple of hours away and makes up for a good tourist attraction.

Easter Island

Rapa Nui or Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean is the most remote Island off the coast of Chile and falls under its territory. This island is famous for 887 mysterious gigantic statues called ‘moai’ from Polynesian people that inhabited this island long ago. This island has two volcanic craters and two excellent beaches that provide a great scuba diving and surfing experience to take its place in the best tourist attractions of Chile.


A cosmopolitan city and the capital of Chile with numerous restaurants, bars, shopping malls, hotels, boutiques. It has preserved its cultural heritage to date despite being a cosmopolitan city that makes it a must-visit tourist attraction. You can experience it in the magnificent museums, beautiful art galleries, theatres for opera and ballet. Active Nightlife here attracts most of the Americans and Europeans and provides an amazing and unforgettable experience of this tourist attraction.


It is the northernmost port city of Chile and is popularly dubbed as ‘The city of eternal spring.’ It was inhabited by different native groups 10,000 years ago that is indicated by the archeological findings here. There is a duty-free oasis called Azapa Valley nearby this city that is a site to grow olives and veggies.

Lauca national park is a fantastic natural tourist attraction here. Other tourist attractions that add up to the list are geoglyphs at Putre and Lake Chungara located at a high altitude.

Marble caves of Chile Chico

Erosion, light, and 6000 years of waves have created a marvelous natural sculpture located in Patagonian Andes. This location is present in the waters shared by Chile and Argentina and can only be reached by boat. Due to the water’s reflection, this cave appears blue.

This is an exotic nature crafted the masterpiece and thus makes its place in the best tourist attractions in Chile.

Osorno volcano

It is a 2,652-meter tall volcano situated in the Los Lagos Region of Chile and keeps a resemblance with Mount Fuji. It is one of the most active volcanoes. Being a natural phenomenon, it is a great tourist attraction to visit and spectate from a distance.

Even the biologist Charles Darwin had witnessed it erupting in 1835. Cool right?

Thinking of planning a trip right away? Yes, Chile is an enthralling country to visit. Pack your bags already, will you?

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