6 Top Activities to Explore in Dubai

Over the past few years, Dubai transformed itself to be one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world. It contains a lot of ambitious construction projects and buildings that made the city on the list for all travelers and tourists around the world. Before packing your bags, and heading to Dubai, here are the 6 top activities you can do while you’re in Dubai, and live in an incomparable experience.
The 6 top activities you should explore in Dubai

1- Visiting BurJ Khalifa

Burj Khalifs is one of the highest buildings in Dubai and it is 828 meters high. If you’re willing to go to Dubai, you can’t miss visiting Burj Khalifa the tallest tower made by man in the whole world. The look from the 124 floor is absolutely amazing where you could have a meal with your company on the level 122 of the tower and enjoy the magical view.
2- Shopping at The Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is a huge shopping space that includes more than 1200 shops and outlets, and more than 150 restaurants of different culinary from all around the world. The theme of the place in unconditionally amazing due to the scenario, and the choreographed fountain, in addition to the underwater zoo and the giant aquarium you wouldn’t want to miss. 
3- The Sahara desert safari trip

One of the most enjoyable activity you can do is the Desert Safari in Dubai. It is only a 20 minutes driving from the downtown of Dubai, you can experience the Arabian culture and do a desert safari where you can ride on camels, eat the traditional barbecues, and do a sand boarding and quad riding. Moreover, you can enjoy a Safari dinner if you’re looking for more luxury.
4- Going to the kite beach

It is one of the perfect spots to have some water-sporting experience. You can enjoy the delicious smoothies from one of the open-air cafes, and enjoy the pleasing sight of the beach. You can enjoy watching bikers and water skaters, or you can join a beach volleyball match with friends. There are a lot of beach activities there you don’t want to miss, so you must head there.
5- Visiting the Jumeirah Palm Island

Jumeirah Palm is a palm tree shaped man-made island. It is considered one of the largest artificial island in the world. No tourist complete Dubai without visiting this island, it is the preferred destination for all tourists from around the world. It contains some of the high-end hotels in the whole world; also, you can’t miss the island tram system that is very enjoyable.
6- Visiting The Dubai creek

It is one of the most glamorous towers in the world, it is found in the heart of the city where you can enjoy watching the pearl diving and fishing and visit the museums. There you can visit the Dubai Museum and the labyrinthine alleyways of the spice and gold souks, and ride a traditional abra across its water.
U.S citizens and many of European citizens can enter Dubai with a free visa that can be issued upon arrival. Keep in mind that your passport must be 6 months valid on the departure date from Dubai.

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