Chandigarh – First Ever Planned City in India

Chandigarh was developed once the Indian independence, because the 1st planned town of post-independence India. The town is understood to be whole distinctive from the rest of the cities in India and is significantly well organized as compared to the rest of India. Chandigarh, within the state of Punjab is found at the foothills of the Shivalik vary of the Himalayas. Due to the high altitude location the climate of Chandigarh stays favorable all year round. The town owing to its extremely urban designing and low crime remains a favorite tourist attraction because it is a home away from home for many foreigners who visit India.


Culture of Chandigarh

The union territory is known for its folk dances and music. The rituals and traditions carried out are mostly related to Punjabi culture and also to the Hindu, Sikh and Muslim culture. The local culture comprises rich food, festivals, music and dance, religious practice and rituals. The dances here depict the liveliness of the people here. Bhangra, gidda, julli, sammi, teeyan are some of the famous folk dances. Major festivals celebrated here by the locals are baisakhi, gurpurab, lohri, tika, raksha bandhan and many more. Festivals comprise a variety of food, sweet preparations and puja.

Its culture is quite modern and you can see people from various cultures as well. People from all over the country have settled in Chandigarh, so you can see a vast mixture of cultures and traditions.

People here speak Hindi or Punjabi or a combination of both. The city also has a cultural complex that showcases its art and culture. The traditional food here is typical Punjabi and very spicy too. Vegetarian and non vegetarian foods are prepared here with great variety and taste.

The costumes here are similar to that of people in other parts of the states. However during festivals or important events, men love to wear sherwani and women wear lehenga choli or salwar kameez or sari.

Chandigarh Tourism

Located at the foothills of the grand Shivalik range, the city has earned a good name as a tourist destination for its great planning, the clean environment, the grand structures and the magnificent gardens. It is an incredible city, with many sectors that are intertwined by a great network of roads. Therefore roaming around is not a problem at all. Today, it takes a prominent place as a tourist destination of India. Nature lovers will love the gardens and the reservoir in the city.


Some of the attractions here are very popular among tourists. The valley can be described as a garland of gardens. Many people love to take leisurely walks here. Rock Garden is located in Sector 1 and comprises exquisite artwork made out of waste. The garden has various sculptures made with discarded materials of various types. Sukhna Lake is a spectacular man-made lake. It also serves as a great picnic spot and is located in a very picturesque region. The climate here is serene, which makes it an ideal place to hear the humming of birds.

Image by RambonpRambonp under CC License.


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